Welcome to Obedience Rules 2011!

Obedience Rules 2011 is an obedience boot camp for true obedience enthusiasts. The date for the event is july 31 to august 5, 2011, and the place is Bro, 40 km north vest of Stockholm, Sweden. However, even though the camp is located in Sweden, it is a Nordic event. High level competing obedience handlers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden will be instructors at the camp. Besides a lot of practice with guidance from the instructors, two of the days are seminar days. During these days, several seminars will be given in topics like training theory, mental training for the owner and physical training for obedience dogs. The language during the camp will be "Nordic", i.e. a mix between Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish-Swedish.

The english web page for OR2011 is under construction. Look out for more information!